Q&A: What’s the best part of being a scientist?

For me, one of the best part of working in research is that no two days are alike, I get to spend my time on subjects that interest me and I get to work with equally passionate people from whom I can learn a lot. As we, as a species, are always making new discoveries and finding new techniques for doing things, being a scientist requires you to  be very interested in anything and everything – always reading up on the latest results, following what’s happening in the world, trying to figure out if this or that can be used in one’s own work. It’s can be a daunting task but always being ready to learn new things is also very rewarding!

Of course, having all this freedom does come with some down sides – I currently don’t have a permanent position so I’m always looking for new sources of funding and I am in charge of setting my own deadlines and making sure I meet them. Sometimes it can also happen that you’ll spend months on a research project that leads to nothing and that can be quite upsetting, it’s important to see that as a learning opportunity rather than a complete failure.

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