Q&A: What’s your favourite hobby?

This is the part where I feel like I should write that my hobbies include reading serious non-fiction books and growing my collection of succulents. In reality I do like reading, although I tend to stick to not very serious non-fiction (crazy conspiracy theory books are amazing – I am reading one about how owls are apparently stand-ins for aliens/UFOs) and low-brow fiction. I am terrible at any type of gardening and find it an extremely frustrating endeavor.

Generally speaking, I like going out for a casual jog, followed by a long walk while catching up on podcasts. I have a standing “skype date” with some peeps during times I know I’ll be outside walking – a great way to breathe in some fresh air, get some exercice and catch up with everyone. When the weather allows it I love going hiking, especially in the calanques close to Marseille.

What often happens is that I get bouts of inspiration for certain activities and then focus on them for a few weeks before stopping for months.

  • Sometimes I’ll decide to play video games before either growing bored or rage quitting. I have rage quit Minecraft way too many times… stupid Sky Factory doesn’t know my finger slipped from the shift key and now all my good stuff is gone!
  • I’ll go on baking and cooking sprees where there will be a different homemade pizza every single night for a week. Bread making is also one of those relaxing activities that I love but alas I don’t actually eat that much bread and there are only so many loafs that friends and acquaintances will accept before it gets weird.



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