Q&A: What was your favourite subject in school?

I don’t remember really having a favourite subject during my early school days, although I clearly remember disliking having to learn poetry by heart and then having to recite it.

In middle school I had an amazing science teacher in 7th and 8th grade – she always had pretty cool experiments to show us. I actually have such fond memories of the Science Olympiad – I took part in those for two years and I remember working on the egg drop, on a rubber band powered car (or was it a plane?), on something that required me to learn loads about waterways and, of course, the best event of them all – “Surfing the Net”. I think the event only lasted for a couple of years, probably from when Internet connections became more or less reliable in the mid-90s till Google actually figured out how to index things well. I used AskJeeves… got 2nd place my second year.

I guess I should also mention art class in middle school – at least one or two of my creations still hang in my parents’ house.

In high school I really liked chemistry because we got to play around with chemicals from time to time (hooray for fake banana smell!) and stocheometry and I have always gotten along amazingly well. I also quite liked Spanish class because the teacher was realy nice and motivating – always telling me to try my best even though I wasn’t really good at Spanish… to the point where I, more or less, had to start from scratch when I eventually moved to Spain.

As part of my doctoral studies I got to participate in a really neat year-long class that gave us the opportunity to meet and work with doctoral students specialised in completely different fields (e.g. business, law, biology, mechanical engineering) and it was an eye opening experience. We had completely different ways of writing articles and building up bibliographies because different fields tend to have different practices. The points we considered as essential were also completely different.

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