BLOG: About that cricket bread

A simple search for “Finland + cricket + bread” will tell you all about Fazer’s cricket bread so I’ll just give you a personal take on it here.

First of all, it’s not available in every shop but I live and shop in the city centre of Helsinki so there are shops that carry it – hooray for that! First hurdle overcome! The second hurdle were other people who also wanted to try the cricket bread and kept on buying it before I could get my hands on some. Eventually the frenzy died down and there came a day when some bread was left at the time when I go shopping after work. Second hurdle overcome! I had cricket bread, for 3€ and a bit for a loaf. (Side note: now that the craziness of the first days is gone, there is always some available.)

The packing looks quite normal – a bit of green, a little cricket on there. The ingredients of course tell you that it’s not 100% cricket, it’s different kinds of flour, including 3% of flour made of ground crickets. That said, 3% is already a good start in terms of adding protein that have great potential to contribute to sustainability.


Now for the taste – it tastes like regular mixed-flour bread. I’m not exactly the best person to try and describe what makes bread good, I generally don’t even eat that much bread… but I can tell when a baguette is good or bad (I have strong opinions on which boulangerie makes the best baguette) and know that not all rye bread is good. I could not taste anything strange, there weren’t any bits of insects that would add extra crunch. It was just regular bread, which is exactly what I think they are going for and should be going for – they want to show that there is nothing different and can be easily accepted by the population. Heck, I’d argue that taste-wise this is easier for people to get used to than non-dairy milk/yogurt alternatives and we’ve seen those soar in recent years.

My conclusion is that I hope that the trend of including insect-based proteins in “normal” (=non-gimmicky-omg-look-I’m-eating-an-insect) food will continue. This bread has the backing of Fazer and they’re a multi-billion € company, they can hopefully develop a sustainable supply chain for insect proteins that can be readily used in food.

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