Q&A: What’s your favourite food?

My favourite food is my mum’s boeuf bourguignon. It’s one of those foods that takes quite a bit of preparation and I would never cook it just for myself and my mum knows that. The thing is, you have to remember my mum did not grow up in France, she did not grow up with French cuisine… and yet she’s perfected this dish in a way that makes all other boeuf bourguignon absolutely impossible to eat.

I’ve never tried to replicate her recipe but essentially it requires good beef cut into small(ish) dice, lardons (bacon-like bits), diced onion, wine and some spices (probably). Then it’s all about marinading the beef in the wine along with the onions, then removing the meat from the wine and browning it, then cooking everything in the wine.

In terms of foods I like to cook myself, I’d say my pea soup is rather good. I also like making homemade pizza because I love the process of making pizza dough (I keep a yeast culture in my fridge because you never know when you’ll want to make bread or pizza).


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