Q&A: What do you eat for breakfast in Finland?

There is what I eat and probably what many others eat – I only have coffee with full fat cream in the morning before work. At work I’ll have some almonds or some fruit, maybe a yogurt. I’ve just never been a breakfast person!

That said, there are plenty of great breakfast food options around here though – for example, there are many types of porridge available, you can even get porridge at the cafeteria downstairs! You can garnish it with jam, berries or other fruit and it’s really nice and filling. Sometimes I’ll make myself rye porridge and flavour it with some broth, it’s the perfect thing to eat after a cold walk outside. Continuing on breakfast foods, of course you can have a small sandwich made of rye bread with some butter, maybe a slice of cheese and tomatoes. There are also plenty of sweet pastries that you can choose from, cinnamon ones or doughnut like or some with sweet cheese.

Coffee is also very important. Finland inevitably ends up in the top countries of coffee consumption per capita. It’s not always good coffee but it’s an essential part of the Finnish diet for sure.


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