BLOG: “C’est pas sorcier” and Jamy the other science guy

This week the ComSciComCa twitter account reminded me of one of my favourite shows while growing up – C’est Pas Sorcier. Imagine that Bill Nye science program from the 90s meeting the early Mythbusters series… but in French and all set in the back of a large truck. Ah! Jamy, Fred, Sabine and “la petite voix”! Oh, and they also sometimes covered history and geography and other non-science subjects.

All the science bits from episodes that aired from the mid-90s till 2014 have been made available online to further share the joy and nostalgia. I promised myself that I’d have that in the background during the weekend but it was never the right time to be watching something, even in the background… such a good opportunity to marathon the heck out of those episodes gone!

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 5.57.37.png

Of course no science teacher ever had us watch C’est Pas Sorcier in class but we did have a history/geography teacher who used an episode or two of Le Dessous Des Cartes in class – another brilliant show!

Q&A: Have you ever seen/been to the Eiffel tower?

I have seen the Eiffel tower many times but I must admit that I’ve only been up to the top once, in the early 90s. It’s the same for the Chateau d’If, I’ve only ever been there once with a couple of friends who came to Marseille as tourists. Actually it’s the same with the majority of big landmarks – Notre Dame de la Garde, Notre Dame de Paris, the White Church in Helsinki, etc. The only touristy spots I do tend to go back to are those related to nature, for example I consider the calanques to be my backyard (photo from the calanques below), I like going for a run in Seurasaari because it’s a nice 3km loop and I’ve been known to hop on the boat to Suomenlinna just to walk around there a bit.